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Academy of Intellectual Games - aoigames.com - To promote learning of Mind Sport Games, like chess, bridge, trivia games, and others in a real human-interactive settings and to improve students overall learning abilities and their life style. Applied knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS technologies to design, develop, implement and maintain the official web site on a daily basis which includes the following features:
  • "Home" page is very unique and interactive.
  • "Sponsors" page lists all the sponsors of Academy of Intellectual Games.
  • "Players" page shows "Player Of The Month", "World Class Experts" and "National Experts".
  • "Organizers" page lists the organizers who assist Academy of Intellectual Games with organizing various events ant tournaments.
  • "Rating" page shows player's current rating.
  • "Tournaments" page shows calendar of tournaments such as Academy Bridge Challenge and Academy Chess Challenge.
  • "Lessons" page lists special offers.
  • "Products" page lists various products that  Academy of Intellectual Games offers such as books, calculators, etc.
  • "Articles" page lists numerous articles on a variety of subjects such as bridge, chess and poker.
  • "Frequently Asked Questions" page provides potential customers with the answers to the most requested questions.
  • "Glossary and Terminology" page describes various terms used by Academy of Intellectual Games.
  • "Donations" page offers potential donors to contribute to Academy of Intellectual Games cause which is to foster amateur sport competition.

Michael Gershman