Portfolio - Child Care

Gershman Day Care, Inc. - GershmanDayCareInc.com - Family Owned and Operated Since 2005. Applied knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS technologies to design, develop, implement and maintain the official web site on a daily basis which includes the following features:
  • "Home" page is very unique and interactive.
  • "Activities" page contains a lot of useful information.
  • "Blog" page is official weblog, with news of new services, events and glimpses of life inside Gershman Day Care, Inc.
  • "Contact Us" page allows potential clients to fill out the form and send a message. Also, there is an option to receive newsletters, updates, and special offers.
  • "Documents" page provides potential clients to view or download variety of documents related to both Department of Children and Family Services and Gershman Day Care, Inc.
  • "Links" page lists a lot of useful resources.
  • "Request for Quote" page allows potential clients to fill out the form and obtain free and no obligation price quote for child care service from Gershman Day Care, Inc.
  • "Tour" page provides virtual tour.
  • "Chat" feature allows potential clients to communicate in real time with the owner.

Michael Gershman